Dehelmintizacija: ključna strategija za povečanje produktivnosti

Paraziti, kot so valjasti črvi, lahko povzročijo zdravstvene težave in zmanjšano produktivnost, kar vodi do gospodarskih izgub za rejca. Tudi z visokim pristopom k biovarnosti lahko vplivajo na tehnične lastnosti in dobrobit živali

Pig and Chicken Worm Infection Diagnosis

Because worm infections are very common and can have significant economic impacts it is important to treat them.

On the other hand, you should be wary of how often you deworm chickens and swine to avoid unnecessary treatments. Deworming more often than necessary increases costs and bears the risk that worms develop resistance.

That’s why systematic and proper diagnosis is critical for optimal management of worm infections.

Strateško odpravljanje glist je pomembna praksa za nadzor in preprečevanje okužb s paraziti.

Parasite Prevention

When animals eat an infectious egg, it takes several weeks to develop into adult worms that start releasing new eggs.

This so called prepatent period varies by worm species and is crucial for planning a proper deworming schedule.

If treatment intervals are longer than the prepatent period it is not possible to reduce the number of eggs in the environment.

Chicken and Swine Deworming Treatment

A dewormer with an innovative formulation is now available in the Solustab range.

Solustab is a premium range of lactose-free water-soluble products with a unique formula providing an optimal balance between solubility and stability.

Solubility: Just 5-sec stirring time
Stability: Stability for at least 24 hrs
Lactose-free formula which reduces the risk of biofilm development.